Writing a cv for a teaching position

sample cv for teachers in word format

Use the teacher CV example to help you focus on your own excellent skills to get the job you want. Start with a header in which you provide your full name and contact information followed by either a professional summary or objective statement and lists of skills, work experience, and educational credentials.

You will want to highlight different aspects of your experience, depending on the specific requirements of the position available.

primary school teacher cv sample doc

Whenever possible, include values to numerically show your successes. The below diagram shows the best way to structure your roles if you want to build context for the reader and display the information in a way that is easy to digest.

primary school teacher cv sample

You should also describe student teacher training, work-study positions, or volunteering in the experience section to give prospective employers a sense of your work ethic as well as your educational background. As long as you include all the relevant information, sometimes a different look can be what makes you stand out from the rest of the applicants.

Cv format for fresher teachers

Instead, use relevant keywords in a natural way to communicate your knowledge and capabilities. Here are some of the core requirements that recruiters will be looking for in your CV, but of course there will probably be others - depending on your unique situation. Subscribe 4. Expertise in these fields — in or out of the classroom — is all highly relevant. But take care not to spam. Make use of keywords Incorporating education terminology conveys a sense of your experience to the reader. Always write in present tense for a job you are currently working. That way you demonstrate a sense of development and future potential.

UK teaching vacancies have risen by almost a quarter over the past two years, which is great if you are looking for your next teaching journey.

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