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But it was very soft. Zoisite then thought that it must be the cat. Luna said that it wasn't that way.

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Sailor Jupiter was blushing as her eyes were staring at under Sailor Mercury's skirt, which was in front of her face. There are times when even Luna doesn't feel like it. Zoisite then thought that it must be the cat. Makoto thought the girl was the youma and that the moonstick was responding before. By the end of January it had reached a record 26, points. But Mamoru was actually home, and thinking about the Silver Crystal by himself. But Sailor Moon and Sailor Mercury said that they would all get electrocuted. But she just got Mamoru's answering machine. Ami and Luna were waiting at a park. Usagi looked into her backpack and saw that the moon stick wasn't responding. Rei turned into Sailor Mars.

Then Ami wondering why the moonstick isn't responding. Ami had her pocket computer out and was doing something with it. Luna and Rhett Butler were wandering down the sewer system. You should be more aware of your responsibility! But then Rhett Butler fell off of the fence and fell into a manhole with Luna.

First Appearances. Zoisite felt that the Rainbow Crystal was near.

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But she just got Mamoru's answering machine. Makoto asked what Ami was doing with the computer. The youma became immobilized and Sailor Jupiter jumped to grab Luna.

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Loved and Chased! Luna's Worst Day Ever