What is a chinchilla

They should be misted off and massaged immediately with cool water to which a drop of dish washing soap has been added. Unfortunately, their fast reproduction rate is actually hindering and not helping their population, because available food supplies are dwindling do to the over harvesting of the algorobilla shrub, one of their primary food sources.

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All the remaining stolen animals boarded a steamer and left for Europe. This Form cannot be submitted until the missing fields labelled below in red have been filled in Vote Here for Your Favorite Animal!

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Barbers This is only a problem when several chinchillas are kept together in close quarters. Chinchillas can tolerate freezing temperatures, but they cannot survive in temperatures higher than 80 F 27 C ; high temperatures and humidity can cause these rodents to suffer from heat stroke.

Chinchillas do not do well on cedar chips.

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Silver mosaic chinchilla Chinchillas are popular pets, though they require extensive exercise and dental care, [19] due to their teeth continually growing throughout their life span, and since they lack the ability to sweat, they require a temperature-controlled environment.

The weaning process is quick, and the female usually mates again and has a second litter within the same year.

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They need to be handled and petted frequently after they are born or they will grow up skittish and aggressive. They have four toes on each foot, and the thin claws on each toe are surrounded by stiff bristles. Deer antler and bone also make good gnawing blocks. If started early enough, they can be quite friendly, learn their names, and even learn very basic tricks. Chinchillas have rear limbs built for leaping, and they have been known to clear rocky crevices 6 feet wide. Chinchillas are monogamous in the wild. The secret is in using food treats as encouragement. Most of the problem animals I see were purchased through pet stores. Training Your Chinchilla Chinchillas are relatively easy to train. Chinchillas come in a variety of colors.
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Chinchilla Facts