Third molars

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wisdom teeth removal

Yamalik K, Bozkaya S. Distal cervical caries in the mandibular second molar: an indication for the prophylactic removal of the third molar?. Consolaro A.

prophylactic removal of third molars

If it is necessary to extract a tooth and the professional may choose between partially or totally unerupted third molars and teeth from other dental groups, obviousness, due to mouth anatomy and physiology, recommends choosing to extract the wisdom teeth, because of the several reasons described in the present study.

Depending on your medical status and conditions, you may not be suitable for general anaesthetic. In other situations, unerupted teeth will be moved to the right place to perform an adequate function, whenever it is possible, all in accordance with the planning and the total context of the case.

wisdom teeth pain

Many of these functions respond to stimuli that are external to the inherited genes.

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Third molars: To extract or not to extract?