Thesis on consumer protection act

If a faulty product which has been faulty at the time of sale is returned to the retailer, the buyer is legally entitled to demand damages which a court would equate to the cost of a repair or replacement for up to six years from the date of sale.

Thesis on consumer protection act

Hence, they are given higher priority to Radio and newspaper. There is a significant different of opinion towards consumer protection legal law on the basis of respondents gender. But the respondents are un familiar with their rights regarding adulteration, misuse of weights and measures. The purpose of the study and the importance of their genuineness in answering were explained. Based on the pilot study, some of the unwanted and unsuitable questions were removed from the instrument and few questions were simplified. This study helps to the policy maker to protect the rural consumers. Bhatt R: Buying powers of urban poor and public distribution. The represents details are spelt out in the sampling procedure. Similarly good products get circulated better than bad ones. Restrictions are subject to the provisions of the Unfair Contract Terms Act But this is not as simple as stated. Seller and buyer have certain rights of action in case of a breach of contract.

D F-value P-value Adulteration of food Less than 30 4. Data Analysis The primary and secondary data collected were analyzed to test the hypothesis. If this is not possible, buyers can seek details from the retailer, the Community Legal Service or a Citizens Advice Bureau.

Until and unless the consumers avail of these provisions, the protection of consumer becomes inevitable. Even though Television attracted by various programme, in this programme many advertisement appearing on, radio, newspaper and magazines etc.

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It is found that the respondents are some what aware of law on protection of false weights. This com be done through the frequently conducting of awareness comp again in rural area. But, old age people are having less awareness on consumer protection law. He suggested that maximum effective use of available manpower and infrastructure should be made and efforts should be made to utilize e-gram project, Civil service centre, involvement of gram sabha and organization of training program for the non officials, and creation of Grievance cell. While the Government provides the capital resource, industry utilizes the capital for producing goods and consumer procures the goods paying money for their benefits and facilities. Hence, the authorities try to save advertisement through this media for consumer protection. Whereas Journals and Magazine are the least sources among the rural respondents fro making consumer protection awareness. In any cycle operation, there can be many blocks. John M. There are backbone of Indian economy the most of the market. Seller and buyer have certain rights of action in case of a breach of contract. Literature shows that there is a high correlation between the level of economic development and the awareness of consumer rights. It is extremely imperative to encourage volunteers; who are gallant, audacious and fort rights, concerned in consumer protection movement. Their ratings are displayed in the table

A consumer is any person, business, firm or governmental unit that chooses goods and services, spends money on them, and uses these goods and services primarily to satisfy their own wants.

She further informed the audience that before independence, there was no specific legislation regarding consumer affairs but after independence they enacted a landmark legislation called the Consumer Protection Act, to deliver justice to the consumers through the District Forum, State Forum and National Forum.

Private and nongovernmental organizations and the consumer councils should to ensure that the interests and rights of consumers are well protected.

There exist two distinct definitions for consumers. In this chapter the researcher presented a finding of the study, recommendation to the policy makers and conclusion also drawn.

One common method is the independent comparative survey or test of a particular type of product or service, involving different manufacturers or companies e.

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The calculated chi-square value and p-value indicates that there is a significant association between age and sources of consumer protection awareness. D t-value P-value Male 2. It is over — all operational pattern of framework of the investigation that stipulates what information is to be collected from which source and by that procedure. Hence the total sample sized worked out to But, they are not having awareness on steel related terminology, electrical goods terminology. Consumers are entitled to remedies under the legislation and cannot be restricted by any terms in the contract when being sold or supplied a good or service. To identify the sources of information for creating consumer protection awareness. But, more than 30 years old people is having very low level of awareness towards adulteration foods and drugs. Neelkanta and Annad in this study it is found that people prefer to absorb and endure that wrong done to them rather than fight against injustice. Keem at, December 1 It is understand that the rural consumers are having some level of awareness when they purchase gold and food. Generalizing the results of this study outside Cuddalore district is a question to ponder.

For example, bad counterfeit money is not accepted and circulation gets limited to good money only. TV is played a moderate role of creating consumer interest.

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From the mean value it is observed, the respondents are experienced that the advertisement has not educated consumer rights and they also worried about of false weights.

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