The uglies themes of identity in

Though set in earth's distance future, this novel addresses many themes and issues teens face in contemporary society. However, before they can react, Special Operations destroyed their research and they were forced to flee the City lest they were made to forget what they learned.

Mouths and eyes and noses of every imaginable shape, all combined insanely on people of every age. Cable that once people have freedom, the tragic destruction of the environment and the planet will start to happen again, and history will repeat itself due to the greedy appetite innate within humans.

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While my experience working in Holocaust education inclined me to favor Milkweed, a young adult Holocaust novel written by Jerry Spinelli, I would like to go out on a limb and advocate for another book: Uglies by Scott Westerfeld. Finally reaching the Smoke, Tally learns startling things about her hometown and the "pretty" operation that compel her to question her values and think critically about her identity.

The uglies themes of identity in

And of course, different people have different skills. Though death is an occurrence in the novel, Westerfeld steers clear of descriptions or direct encounters with it. Tally is puzzled by Shay's skeptical attitude toward turning "pretty" Janna Charles Adolescent Literature Rationale Paper May 5, as both girls approach their sixteenth birthdays.

As part of the Pretty Special Committee, he discovered the brain lesions that the Pretty surgery causes and suspects the lesions are intentional. Tally longs to become a Pretty, whose sole purpose in life is to have fun and go to parties.

Freedom Many would say that under the oppressive rule of the government, characters in this novel are confined and have no freedom.

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Uglies (The Uglies) Themes