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Byoungho Moon, Bill J. Contributions from academic research to major cross-sector technologies, such as information technology, have directly benefited many industries. Isolating the contribution of academic research is at best an inexact science.

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For example, the develop- ment of new medical devices relies heavily on advances not only in the life sciences, but also in the physical sciences and engineering. Randazzese, and J. Journal of Natural Products64 2 Although RIVM investigators and inspectors interact during all phases of the research project, the Inspectorate, as the commissioning body, does not have authority over the research methods used, nor the outcome of studies as is laid down in the Act on the RIVM [ 1 ].

Knowledge institutes use the insights from this research field in specific strategies to enhance the likelihood that their research will indeed contribute to improvements in practice; we call these strategies alignment efforts [ 7 ]. University graduates and faculty are also involved in many technology-based, start-up companies.

The study also reveals some crosscutting areas of academic research that are important to overall industrial performance. Both external and internal alignments influence the contributions of a research project.

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Aerospace Industry Although many basic concepts and a good deal of the fundamental knowl- edge of aerodynamics were developed by academics, the impact of academic research on performance in the mature sectors of the aerospace industry has been relatively modest in recent years. Most universities consider this an important aspect of the service role of the university and encourage these interactions. The RIVM is an independent knowledge institute with expertise in the fields of public health, infectious diseases, healthcare, medicines, lifestyle, nutrition, and environmental safety. Cragg,, David J. Overall, the U. In the network systems and communications industry, universities have made im- portant research contributions to the development of digital subscriber-line tech- nology, third-generation wireless communication, computer graphics, databases, search engines, generalized processor sharing, parallel processing, traffic man- agement, and stable broadcast networking. Network Systems and Communications Industry Academic research has had a substantial impact on this industry. Study framework The starting point for our study was the awareness that interaction between investigators and the intended users of research is generally considered the decisive factor to enhance the contribution of research. Journal of Natural Products , 64 2 , Network Systems and Communications Industry Academic business schools have long been concerned with making the ben- efits of information technology available to businesses. Arlington, Va. Schinazi, and Mark T. Financial Services Industry The financial services industry has a history of benefiting from economics and business research rather than research in natural sciences and engineering.

Many companies nurture relationships with multiple universities, often relying on local institutions to solve technical problems or to advise the company's engineering staff on potential solutions.

Similarly, intelligent sensors, computer-aided diagnosis, and robotics are the basis for many new medical de- vices.

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