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It was just one of many battles to come. As a curator in the Division of Home and Community Life, I see these collections as more than records of military service, but as an entry point into the lives and legacies of these remarkable men.

Some of Young's descendants were in attendance at the ceremony. Size of text in "View", can affect page display. The Buffalo Soldiers played a key role in U.

His description included black eyes, black hair and a complexion listed as mulatto.

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Before they left Fort Leavenworth, some troops fought hundreds of Cheyenne in two separate battles near the Saline River. Patrons of all races share conversation at the Thunderbird.

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Writes the museum, "African Americans could only serve west of the Mississippi River, because many whites didn't want to see armed black soldiers in or near their communities. However, as Allied troops moved farther inland, it became clear that they needed rapid resupply. Most Americans viewed the Indians as incorrigible and non-reformable savages. About 20 percent of U. At the end of the Civil War, , black soldiers had participated in the war, with 38, killed in action. Following the war, Blayton married Oletha Brown who had come to the capital to help the war effort by sewing uniforms. The 9th and 10th Cavalry Regiments served in the Philippines in the early s. It withdrew most of its men and resources from the Indian wars, to concentrate on ending the rebellion.

During the Korean Warblack and white troops operated in integrated units for the first time.

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