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Think about it. Recognizing the appeals At the beginning of the semester give students a handout describing the rhetorical triangle and some of the key appeals that are made in an argument.

Rhetorical analysis strategies

Begin with a strong verb. Students are often surprised that the answer is really that simple. I stopped reading. For each reading ask students to make three sets of notes in the margins: what the author is saying, what the author is doing in terms of structuring the argument , and how the author is doing it in terms of rhetorical appeals. When they write in their six pieces of evidence, make sure they also label the line numbers as well. They had to understand the basics first: the structure of an argument, the rhetorical triangle, rhetorical strategies, and the resulting message. Reading essay after essay, I saw that my students struggled to analyze the text. Then, the student should discuss the second idea, which is Nickelback at line So, please note that there are many ways to say what Portia is doing for the first tactic that I labeled. All of the best papers seemed to have topic sentences that identify what an author was doing and why. Your future English-teacher-self will thank you. Model how you would rewrite one of these.

Then write an essay analyzing the rhetorical strategies Kincaid employs to convey her attitude toward England. Using this acronym for rhetorical analysis, students create an artistic square that has two requirements: visually, it resembles the topic; and it also analyzes the text for its use of appeals and devices.

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Which tactics are similar to each other or like each other in some way? By the end, I had a long list for both categories. What do they need, and in what order do they need it? Suppose these were a student's labels for what the speaker, a father writing to his son, actually DID: Ridicules his son's manhood Blames his son's mother for his weakness Suggests he has been morally corrupted by his friends Mocks his son's tattoo Look for Clumps At this point, the student should say, "Which one of these tactics are clumping together?

You'll need to model how to do this a couple of times first. The work of a teacher is never done!

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You asked for templates, right? Be very literal. NOTE: The difference between tactics and strategies The two words are often incorrectly used interchangeably, but they're not the same. It clicked! No one can take that away. Your claim will match your data. Each group of three to four students received a different political or historical speech to analyze.

In a previous blog post, I share my favorite historical and political speeches that are excellent for a rhetorical analysis unit.

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