Slavery between 1450 1800 and the influence

The third reason for the transfer of slaves from Africa was the fact that on that continent, slavery was widespread and the slave trade there had existed for centuries, and was well organized with markets, brokers and plenty of experience of how to move slaves from one area to another.

Regions with stronger ties to the Byzantine Empire for example, Russia and Muslim northern Africa for example, Sicily had greater access to slave markets, and slavery continued as a minor but persistent feature of southern and eastern European medieval societies. A Historical Guide to World Slavery.

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Madison Miller, Joseph C. Even the largest states, such as Asante and Oyo, were small by modern standards. Contrary to what happened in Latin America, where racial stratification was more complex, in North America, any person of identifiable African descent, no matter the degree of "white" ancestry, was classified as colored, Negro, or black.

Between andthe slave trade across the Atlantic Ocean was to be one of the major human migrations in history as it changed the ethnic composition of the population in the New World dramatically.

An interesting note about the triangular trade is that ships criss-crossed the ocean loaded with valuable goods whether that be textiles, slaves, or sugarbut almost no money.

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In the end, the slave trade left the continent underdeveloped, disorganized, and vulnerable to the next phase of European hegemony: colonialism.

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Slavery Timeline