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Spatial organizational pattern

Work through the preceding organizational patterns and see which ones would be possible choices for your speech. Spatial or Geographical Pattern If you wish to evoke an image of something that has various parts, and those parts are distinguished by geography, then organize your speech using a spatial pattern. Which organizational pattern seems to be the best choice? Developing this comprehensive outline clearly identifies each bit of information you want to include in your speech and helps you visualize the order of your ideas. For example, a speech on leaving a smaller carbon footprint could begin by detailing the problems associated with climate change. In explaining some political or social problem, I might discuss first the concerns of the East Coast, then those of the Midwest, then those of the West Coast. Explain some strategies to enhance your Internet dating experience. The Introduction Simply enough, the introductory paragraph introduces the argument of your paper. Working on your own or with a partner, develop three main points for a speech designed to persuade college students to attend your university. In this speech, the speaker wants to persuade people to pass a new curfew for people under eighteen. Then be a human guinea pig.

In explaining some political or social problem, I might discuss first the concerns of the East Coast, then those of the Midwest, then those of the West Coast. The complete-sentence outline is where you record all the parts of your speech.

Main Points: Attention: Want to make nine thousand dollars for just three weeks of work lying around and not doing much? According to Monroe, visualization can be conducted in one of three ways: positive, negative, or contrast.

The narrative pattern entails a dramatic retelling of events as a story or series of stories. Strategies for using humor in healing In this speech, the speaker starts by discussing how humor affects the body.

This pattern or organization grows from our learning that readers or listeners usually give most attention to what comes at the beginning and the end, and least attention to what is in the middle. Describing a room, I might start with what I see as I enter the door, then what I see as I step to the middle of the room, and finally the far side.

I hope readers of this blog will find it useful. Climactic Order Order of Importance A third common principle of organization is climactic order or order of importance.

One of the most important functions of this paragraph is to bring in fresh insight.

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The second point then examines the effects of Native American alcohol consumption and how it differs from other population groups. Need: Every day many uneducated and lower socioeconomic-status citizens are preyed on by medical and pharmaceutical companies for use in for-profit medical and drug experiments.

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Which organizational pattern do you think would be most useful? In this example, the possible causes for the difference might include stricter law enforcement, greater likelihood of neighbors reporting an incident, and police training that emphasizes arrests as opposed to other outcomes. Spatial order is pretty common in description, but can also apply to examples, to some comparisons, some classifications [the southern species of this bird. The writing assignment asks students to write an essay about a problem they see in social media, using the Classical pattern. In this case, the first main point is about the history and prevalence of drinking alcohol among Native Americans the cause. It has the following learning goals: Students will be able To articulate the strategies that they use in organizing essays To compare the effectiveness of different modes of organization To analyze the organizational patterns used in editorials and op-ed pieces To write an essay utilizing the Classical pattern. Specifically, the speaker starts by explaining what Internet dating is; then the speaker talks about how to make Internet dating better for her or his audience members; and finally, the speaker ends by discussing some negative aspects of Internet dating. As the name implies, you'll be organizing the information in a logical manner according to topic. Lastly, the speaker provides the mandatory p. Instead, you theorize based on research and good judgment that your solution will meet the need or solve the problem. In this pattern, items are arranged according to their physical position or relationships. When considering which organizational pattern to use, you need to keep in mind your specific purpose as well as your audience and the actual speech material itself to decide which pattern you think will work best.
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What Are the Five Organizational Patterns for Public Speaking?