Is job outsourcing helping or hurting

This allows these companies to boost profits and pass lower costs on to consumers. Did it benefit your company, or result in more harm than good? While it is true that U. Problems with quality occur when you do not receive the caliber you expect.

Proponents of outsourcing say that it can also increase overall efficiency in the economy by distributing tasks to people who have the appropriate skill level for those tasks and letting highly skilled workers be more productive.

jobs lost to outsourcing statistics

Fact: Outsourcing works both ways. So if the staff at a Bangladesh factory is working in unsafe conditions, is that the fault of the staffing company, the Bangladesh manufacturing company, the U. With crowdsourcing, the risk is considerably reduced, if not eradicated.

Outsourcing also encourages new competition by causing fragmentation and disintegration of the supply chain. Benefits from globalization in the past 1. According to Cameron Heroldthe founder of a COO training program, communication is essential to success in the business world. More and more, consumers want to know where their products came from and who made them.

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Does Outsourcing Help or Hurt Businesses? ยป Small Business Bonfire