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The instructions below apply solely to the online portal. Home security system?

Modem vs router

Connect to your modem Ethernet If you want to use an Ethernet connection use the yellow cable that came with your modem. The Ethernet light should turn green. It may also ask you to select your city. With a self-installation, all the troubleshooting falls on your shoulders. You'll know that you're in the right place when you see the CenturyLink logo and a message that reads "welcome. If you would like to avoid the expense, purchase a compatible Wi-Fi modem or gateway, like the two listed below. Step 1: Install Your Modem Connect one end of the coax cable to your wall outlet or splitter and connect the other end to the cable connector A on your modem. They're very important to making sure you get the best possible results from your phone and Internet connection. You want a central location so that the internet signal can travel unimpeded throughout your home. Top Modem Topics. If you have a router leave it out of the configuration for now.

Please note: TDS does not support customer-provided modems. Go to the Cox website and sign in to your account. When set-up is complete, the top three lights will appear steady.

xfinity modem setup

The Ethernet light should turn green. After the modem has been setup, it may reboot.

how to setup a router

Check your equipment. If you do not have Internet connection with the cable modem router, ask your ISP to look to see if your cable modem router is online from their side. When asked, provide the cable modem's serial number and MAC address listed on the front page of your installation guide and on the bottom of the cable modem router.

If, however, you installed your equipment and successfully connected to the internet, you can avail yourself of other options should any trouble arise later on, including an online support chat and how-to articles.

how to connect modem to computer for internet

The answer likely is your Wi-Fi settings or network overload. If you have a router leave it out of the configuration for now. Disconnect any old equipment.

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Setup your Internet and activate your service