Information systems have revolutionized the way we work

How has technology changed the workplace

It saves me time. Just as the democratic transformation of societies evolved in fits and starts over a period of centuries, these changes in business will take decades to play out fully. The availability of the Internet has also amplified the productivity of the workforce. Of course, there are many factors that affect how and where decisions are made in a business, or for that matter, in any organization. The biggest change in technology is that now children are able to acquire knowledge in relation to an immediate interest and an immediate project. Do they make my life easier? Next we set up remote access, so all the people at Menlo can work at home in the evenings and on weekends and tie directly into the company network. In the places where this makes economic sense, that means many more people can have the kinds of freedom and flexibility in business that used to be common only in small organizations. It has revolutionized business communications. Smartphones and PDAs can mean an office in your pocket. It is estimated that people watch million hours of YouTube every single day. But even in communications, it is not certain that the increases in speed and accuracy outweigh the additional costs.

Obviously, that kind of system is now a staple of everybody's practice. We've gone from reporting on a story after the fact to actually watching it as it develops. To be the best, we have to put in a lot more.

I'd be in touch with my secretary, who would have updated my calendar on-line.

how has technology changed the way we live and work

But the real impetus for this revolution will not come from these new technologies. Our entire system is linked together, so when we enter an order on-line for, say, a case of wine, a purchase order prints out automatically, and we fax that directly to the winery.

how technology is changing work and organizations

The business today allows employees to talk, discuss, share, ideate, and everything else from their smartphones. I'd play golf with my son in the afternoon, and when I'd get paged, I'd use my cellular phone to return the call.

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Technology & The Way We Work