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To him the world is bars, a hundred thousand 4. Why do you think she mentions 'the traffic lights' line 5?

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It seems that there is quite a cottage industry in translating this poem! Are these words Clarke's shouts and screams of pain, or are they words of a poem she thinks of through her labour?

Much the same holds true for the sound devices and imagery. Lines 7 and 8 reveal Beauty bound by men, and the power that is subdued in the process. Mother and child 'fought over' line 9 the cord.

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Speaking of the poet's background, Gabriel Okara is a Nigerian born Lines 5 and 6 represent Beauty, or more specifically, the beauty of nature and the natural world.

So the tone of the poem evokes to let the animal survive in their natural sate or habitat. Discussing the figurative language of the poem is somewhat problematic because the poem is translated, and each translation uses different figurative language.

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For him Art was what mattered most in life. Rilke suffered from illness his whole life and died of leukemia in while staying at the Valmont sanatorium near Lake Geneva. So he is constantly moving in circles to escape from his present fate. In essense, the imagery of the poem deconstructs the panther to symbolize how the panther is taken apart by being caged. Discussing the imagery is slightly easier though. He referred to this type of poetry as Dinggedichte thing poems. His symbolisms are further broadened with related musical dictions. The panther perceives the image of the people outside when his eyes see outside but unfortunately they are of no use and became distressed. He immediately returned to Prague, only to find that his parents had divorced in his absence. He started work as a bookbinder before writing for broadcasting. Gabriel Okara symbolized his simple African cultural background with drums and his complex civilized European lifestyle with piano; maybe to reveal that he didn't learn to live through his background the same way one doesn't really learn how to beat drums. The poem is an example of a free verse.

The panther inside the cage of the zoo has a powerful desire to go out because he feels paralyzed and arrested. The dominating mood is joy. For alternate translations, go to my Panther Translations Page Make sure you come back though!

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Rilke employs personification in the first line of the poem to help evoke an ironic tone upon the reader.

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