How to write a story about snowman

Each student receives a different trait so that students learn about as many different words as possible during this project. Choose Character Traits Next, I have each student choose a snowman trait from a set of adjectives I have generated for the project. Adding your own images Although the template provides a large variety of items to use for your snowman, you may still want to add some more of your own.

The template has a blank snowman and several slides full of items to add to your snowman including eyes, mouths, hats, arms, feet, hair, and more.

snowman story book

Click and drag the corners of the image to change its size if desired. Turn it in through Google Classroom.

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Post by Eric Curts. Build a Snowman with Google Slides Do you want to build a snowman? This is a great way for students to be creative and to work on their writing skills by describing or writing about their snowman.

Over the years, I've come to realize that there's nothing wrong with letting your hair down a few times a year and having a little fun. Sometimes students incorporate character change into their story--for example, a jubilant snowman could be cantankerous or grumpy at the beginning of the story, but along the way, he found the holiday spirit and became the most jubilant snowman in all the land.

Design, Draw, or Decorate the Snowman Character!!! As students finish up their word research, they move into their actual snowman creative writing project.

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Finish the Snowman