How to save our mother earth

On the personal front, we could do our share by patronizing products and services that are less polluting to the environment from companies that observe and adhere to our environmental laws.

We all know that Earth is the only planet that has life on it. I would love to hear from you and read your comments on this article. Awareness in Common Public: Today, students of all the age groups are being taught about the concept of 3Rs.

They are extremely important to adjust the evolved way of life in nature and save our mother Earth. To participate, gather your old newspapers, stack them, and contact the to pick them up at your location.

why should we protect the earth

Burning mixed waste also releases gases like furans and dioxins, which are known to cause cancer. Check with Manila Water Inc. Conclusion: Little steps taken by one person can leave a great impact on the health of our planet. We do reforestation, we do tree farming, we have seedlings all year round, we do pruning and balling of trees, and we sell vegetables seeds, rare plants, orchids, ornamental and cut flowers.

We should spare woods through afforestation and reforestation.

how can i make my mother earth happy

They also release greenhouse gases that heat up the earth. Creating awareness among the public through different programs, dramas, etc.

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Essay on Save Mother Earth: 7 Selected Essays on Save Mother Earth