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But why mix an egg into it? Other Types of Egg Coffees While the Vietnamese egg coffee recipe is the one I tried on my travels and loved at first taste, there are other egg coffee recipes out there.

Still, it's not exactly comparable to the protein hit of a protein shake, since one large egg contains six grams of protein. I'm talking about raw egg in your coffee. That leaves just one problem: simply cracking a raw egg into your latte tastes like shit.

This is enough for 2 servings. It was a really small, tight-knit community, so word traveled to all over country.

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Some cafes add vanilla extract or butter, and some even add cheese. Boiling water Directions Brew a small cup of Vietnamese coffee. The next best option: fresh roasted dark beans such as French roast - here are a few options. Sometimes described as "liquid tiramisu," the combination of egg and sweetened condensed milk makes this a rich, dessert-like treat.

No street eat was too questionable, no dish too exotic. Vietnamese egg coffee is a real treat Vietnamese egg coffee ca phe trung is made by beating an egg yolk with sweetened condensed milk for about 10 minutes until it makes an airy, creamy, meringue-like fluff.

For those who like their coffee strong, black, and bitter — prepare yourselves. This is different to the recipe above, so I wanted to paste here.

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Egg Coffee Is Not as Strange as It Sounds