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Sanazaro described health services research as a field that develops methods for improving access to care, moderating the rate of medical care prices, and assuring the effectiveness of care. Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality, Health services research.

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Of note is that the youngest members were twice as likely to be female as to be male, while the oldest respondents were twice as likely to be male as to be female. In sum, health services research spans a broad, unique view of providers, payers, policymakers, patients, consumers, and communities.

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For instance: it lacks a widely adopted standard definition or conceptual structure, in part because of its markedly multidisciplinary nature; it is conducted in many different settings e.

There are another 12 percent reporting an M. Health services researchers seek solutions to these and other problems that adversely affect access to care, quality, safety, and cost of care.

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Central to advances in all scientific fields are measurement tools, and for health services research measurement tools span payment and financing, appropriateness of utilization overuse, underuse, and misuse; IOM,quality of care, and patient outcomes of care.

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Health Services Research: An Evolving Definition of the Field