Filipino leaders

Despite this, he has produced many results that he set to undertake, much of which are related to economic reform and liberalization. The General agreed, making Magbanua the first and only woman to lead troops in the Visayas during the revolution. The nation will still see much more about his leadership qualities in the weeks and years to come.

Ferdinand E.

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He is direct to the point, does not mince words, and takes a no-nonsense approach to governance. During this time, she taught herself how to speak Niponggo, a skill she utilized to help save the lives of other Filipinos captured by the Japanese.

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The indicator: she was abreast even with small-town road and irrigation projects. He has become popular and well-loved because of his frankness as a leader.

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Benigno S. It was after his death that she met Diego Silang, who was a mail carrier at the time. Tandang Sora earned her nickname after taking care of Andres Bonifacio and other Katipuneros inrisking her life as she provided them with food and nursed the wounded.

Filipino leaders

Fidel V. Her bravery was best displayed after she was arrested by Spanish authorities, who subjected her to grueling interrogations in hopes that she would reveal the location of the Katipunan hideout. Many government employees were able to take post-graduate studies, which were beneficial to the country. Born in the mountains of Kalinga, Leones was the daughter of an evangelical missionary. Likewise, it has also energized the Filipino people, who have all been thirsty for change and meaningful reforms. Upon an incumbent president's death, permanent disability, resignation, or removal from office, the Vice President assumes the post. This honor does not go without merit, as she was a certified social worker, suffragette, civic leader, and war heroine. During this time, she taught herself how to speak Niponggo, a skill she utilized to help save the lives of other Filipinos captured by the Japanese. Many employees in the bureaucracy have said that his leadership style of integrity and being corruption-free has influenced the culture of government. He says it as it is to his fellow politicians and avoids the confusing, even contradictory communication styles of other officials. Her patriotic spirit helped her successfully lead a group of bolo troops during the Battle of Barrio Yoting and the Battle of Sapong Hills, which were instrumental to the liberation of IloIlo City.

Laurel acted as puppet president of the new Japanese-sponsored government; [14] his de facto presidency, [15] not legally recognized until the s, [16] overlapped with that of the president of the Commonwealth, which went into exile. Marcos While historians have branded Ferdinand Marcos as a dictator, no one has disputed his intellectual brilliance.

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List of presidents of the Philippines