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His dramas were remarkable for their range.

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Other writers like Nicholson Baker were noted for their minimalism in novels such as The Mezzanineabout a man who rides an escalator for pages. For example, the books metaphor for socialism found in the passage describing moldy governmentsubsidized soybeans would be placed in the theme, capitalism under the point, Government failures, Under this point as a lowercase letter within the templatewrite the page number of the passage or write a short description of the source.

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Both labels are correct and correct, as the Harlem Renaissance is seeing an explosion of true creative activity in many areas of African-American including art, literature, philosophy. Freud's description of subjective states, involving an unconscious mind full of primal impulses and counterbalancing self-imposed restrictions, was combined by Carl Jung — with the idea of the collective unconscious , which the conscious mind either fought or embraced. If youre having a hard time on your comparison Looking for comparison essay help tips. The s brought a brief return of the glory days of modernism, and a first grounding of Post-modernism. The eventful period that followed the war left its imprint upon books of all kinds. Most people went to the movies once a week. War production and experimentation led to new technologies, including the nuclear bomb. In this expression, the character and spirit of the African-American literature are intertwined with common habits and customs that can pass through the intermediate path, slavery, apartheid, and subsequent large-scale migration - Authority becomes a matter of perspective. There is no longer an anonymous, omniscient third-person narrator, as there is no universal truth, according to the modernists. After Japan attacked the United States at Pearl Harbor on December 7, , disused shipyards and factories came to bustling life mass- producing ships, airplanes, jeeps, and supplies. Modernity must, in order to emerge, annihilate the past. American women, in particular, felt liberated. The dust storms that blackened the midwestern sky, they believed, constituted an Old Testament judgment: the "whirlwind by day and the darkness at noon. They were looking for a new vision and challenged the Victorian Era; "Modernists broke away from the Victorian, staunch literary style and experimented with new forms and techniques in architecture, dance, literature and others" Murfin;Ray

The s was a time of important historical events and technological advancement. After experiencing the world, many now yearned for a modern, urban life.

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Metafiction was an important tendency in this period, exemplified most elaborately in the works of John BarthJonathan Baylissand Jorge Luis Borges. Important authors in the short story form included Donald Barthelmeand, in both short and long forms, Robert Coover and Ronald Sukenick.

In the s, the Beat writers can be seen as a reaction against the hidebound quality of both the poetry and prose of its time, and such hovering, near-mystical works as Jack Kerouac 's novel Visions of Gerard represented a new formal approach to the standard narrative of that era. Eliotprose and plays by Gertrude Steinwere some of the most influential works of the time, though James Joyce 's Ulysses is generally considered[ according to whom?

One reason why the Harlem Renaissance is possible is that in the s and s World War I, many African Americans moved from the southern countryside to the northern cities including New York City. Henri Bergson —on the other hand, emphasized the difference between scientific clock time and the direct, subjective, human experience of time.

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