Essay on work is worship for class 7

They forget that no work brings boredom. If we do it grudgingly, we cannot enjoy the education process.

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Tagore says God is the tiller of the hard ground and the path-maker. All the Work is Worship essay are written very simply. When we have such a state of mind while doing any activity or task, we treat our work as worship. Yet it is the attitude with which one works that makes the difference to it. They may face anything to get their work done even at the cost of their life and get themselves safe. We find our work a drudgery or troublesome if we do not find joy in our work. Our activities related to our studies and livelihood are for our own growth and progress. We, small fry, are averse to doing any work that we consider below our dignity. The best way to live a healthy life in this increasingly competitive world is to stay committed and dedicated to strict work routine as work is the real form of worship. We also work with a happy and positive disposition of mind. Worship is a state of mind. By converting all our work into worship we can experience peace and contentment at all times.

It is useful only if we work ever. The happiness and satisfaction we get from the work cannot get the same through the worship. The nation becomes stronger when its manpower is fully and suitably employed in the interested field. We work to earn money to bring physical, mental, psychological and social happiness which ultimately balance the state of body, mind and soul.

Essay on work is worship for class 7

Without it life is deprived of its substance and character. If we take it sincerely, we will find some other story in respect of famous dacoits. We also work to keep our homes clean and neat. We should not be lazy and work with harmony with the huge desire to progress. Japan was completely devastated by the atom bombs in Long and Short Essay on Work is Worship in English Now-a-days, essay writing is in practice in the schools and colleges. No doubt they are famous for their bad works. If we follow it well all through our life, it acts as the key to success, progress and happiness. Until we make an effort we cannot even eat our food. Work is Worship Essay 4 words Work is worship is the famous proverb which means that work is worship in the true sense. We, small fry, are averse to doing any work that we consider below our dignity. If it involves other people we show the respect and regard to them too. Every person has to do work for satisfying their wants and needs. When we express these sentiments in the work we do, we live by the principle that work is worship. Great civilization and culture can be achieved only through the committed work.

There is also a sense of devotion, dedication and excellence in worship. It is necessary for our young men and women to recognition the dignity of labour.

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A worshiper can easily find the God if his worship is sincere A worker can easily succeed in his life if he works with honesty Inspirations from the God The action is the duty and reward are not thy concern is the very lesson which was imparted to Arjuna by Lord Krishna in the holy book Gita.

It is the key to all progress.

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People, who work regularly and systematically, show better results than the lazy people. To work is to pray. We may work for the benefit of others or we may work for our own selves.

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