Domestic vs international adoption

On the other hand, there are countries with volatile political climates that can drastically impact families and children. The record will contain any medical appointments or treatment as of that time.

The total amount spent and when the payments are due are less predictable with domestic adoption than with international. The age of children available for adoption also depends greatly on the type of adoption families pursue: Private domestic adoption usually results in the adoption of an infant children of all ages are available through domestic foster care adoption International adoption ranges from infants to teenagers, depending on the country of origin Medical Background Information One of the biggest differences when comparing domestic adoption and international adoption is the availability of medical and social history of the child and their birth parents.

Which route feels more comfortable to you is merely personal preference. For example, a family adopting internationally will have to factor in visa costs.

international infant adoption

Families considering international adoption should carefully research wait times and current U. When comparing these two adoption paths, families have multiple factors to consider; costs, wait times, medical history, social history, legal matters, etc.

With the increasing amount of paperwork required to adopt a child from another country, and the adherence to The Hague Convention adoption process, the gap between domestic private adoption and international adoption wait times has been closing.

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Domestic Adoption vs International Adoption Agencies