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As such, it is located within studies of the auditory culture in combination with theoretical Such work is integrative, blending textual-visual-sound-digital qualities to document, reflect and assess inquiry.

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Ross, Liam Alexander The University of Edinburgh, This dissertation reflects on building standardisation as a mode of design. This masters by The next chapter centres around the idea that art can be a simple process of stripping away the detritus How is the "research question" presented and discussed? The symposium is free of charge. Stacks of containers fell from the ship and household goods, industrial items and oil washed into the sea coating beaches and birds. Talianni, Aikaterini The University of Edinburgh, This thesis interrogates the urban environment through the filter of the sonic to explore the significance of sound in society. How well an artist communicates their thoughts, One way of identifying what artistic research has contributed to, is to revisit and look closely at dissertations that have been produced in the field. This can help us identify how research questions, methods and results are formulated, and what it is that characterizes the artistic research in its different subjects. The University of Edinburgh, Writing about a living composer is a little like writing an obituary for someone before he is dead. The intrigue in this manipulative tool for creating hybrid images combined with an engagement in a discussion of Please, let us know if you would like to contribute with a presentation no later than 12th October.

Lambert, Ian Richard The University of Edinburgh, This practice-based thesis aims to inform ways of narrating making in the advancement of epistemologies, ontologies and practice itself for maker-researchers and educators. Authors experiment with customary approaches to push the boundaries of scholarly conventions, appropriating terms, adapting the style guide and generating artful space as a distinction to traditional renderings.

Engagement is a crucial factor for developing relationships between content providers His painting style underwent a striking alteration at the very height of his popularity, and this has led to much discussion among critics, both To this end, I developed a model digital repository How have methods been used and developed in the examples?

Hendriks, Sarah Patricia Crambrook The University of Edinburgh, This thesis investigates how an architecture for music developed during the long eighteenth century in the British Isles.

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Theses and Dissertations (Visual Arts)