Coping with death in the luo

Just being in the presence of other people who knew your loved one can be comforting.

luo customs and traditions

If the deceased is an adult female, close relatives amongst the Luo cannot share a bed with their wives for a period lasting up to four days. This case is an example where customary law did not apply. The Court of Appeal ordered that S. Wooden drums were also beaten during these ceremonial occasions.

Grave goods were also an important ritual especially with regard to the elderly. While it is known that many deaths occur through illnessess, as well as accidents, quite a few deaths are still believed to occur from witchcraft and other supernatural phenomena.

An infant who died was customarily buried in the floor of the house. Following the burial, amongst the Gusii a public funeral would take place.

luo rites of passage

C Ocholla-Ayayo and G. The Maasai According to Maasai mythology, Enkai created the first warrior, Le-eyo and endowed him with a magical chant which was to be recited over dead children that would bring them back to life and make them immortal.

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5 Ways to Cope When a Loved One Dies (for Teens)