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Now the industry is growing rapidly with increasing demand and better transport facilities, and the products are more widely distributed. The term service means service of any description made available to potential users and includes banking, financing, housing construction, insurance, entertainment, transport, supply of electrical and other energy, boarding and lodging, amusement, etc.

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These inspectors will expand their training role from one-to-one information transfer during plant inspections to more group training.

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It is very difficult for an ordinary consumer to distinguish between a genuine product and its imitation. There are rising concerns about the hygiene and safety of food served at locations where travellers eat for convenience and recreation. Though they were improving, it was observed that the environmental conditions, manufacturing practices and standards of the food industry generally ranged from very good to very poor. Keeping in line with this principle, it is expected from the manufacturers, traders and service providers to refrain from malpractices and take care of consumers interest. A broad idea about its main provisions is being given in the next section. It has also set up a proper mechanism for their redressal at district, state and national levels. They are merely the trustees of the resources and, therefore, they should use such resources effectively for the benefit of the society, which includes the consumers.

The Bureau of Indian Standards, earlier known as the Indian Standards Institution ISIwhose headquarter is located at Delhi, has the responsibility of lying down the standards for industrial and consumer goods on a scientific basis and certifying the goods that meet the standards and the prescribed quality.

There are different types of sampling techniques such as random sampling, quota sampling, stratified sampling, deliberate sampling etc.

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The councils are required to give wide publicity to the rights of consumers, the procedures for filling complaints by them and provide inputs to consumer movement in the country. The must know their rights and duties. The focus was on developing techniques and skills to influence change among non-scientific industry and consumer groups, to achieve training objectives and to raise the understanding of these groups on matters pertaining to food quality and safety. To encourage the participation of public in the field of consumer protection the Government has also instituted National Awards to the persons who have done outstanding work in this field. Consumer groups are concerned and disturbed about technological advances in food production in which the products seem artificial. But, in spite of apology, an amount of Rs. Consumers can fail to show concern about harmful food handling practices. Now the industry is growing rapidly with increasing demand and better transport facilities, and the products are more widely distributed. These practices had been seen among street hawkers as well as the numerous small-scale food processors or cottage industries throughout the country. General knowledge of the need for safe food handling and preparation would stimulate interest of the consumer in food safety issues. An outbreak of botulism intoxication due to salted fermented fish feseikh. Organizations in developing countries usually face many constraints in relation to human resources, especially lack of expertise and frequent transfers and movement of officers within and out of the organization. The relatively low levels of education and low literacy rates in developing countries are among the most important barriers to effective consumer participation see Figure 1.

National Commission The National commission was constituted in by the central government. Their views may be received through correspondence, consumer complaint boxes or consumer advice centres, or through the conduct of regular and well-planned consumer surveys. The Act as amended in also provides for setting up of Consumer Protection Council at district, state and national level for promotion and protection of the rights of the consumers as laid down in Section 6 of the Act.

Consumer awareness conclusion

Consumer Protection Act of The industrial revolution and the development in the international trade and commerce has led to the vast expansion of business and trade, as a result of which variety of consumer goods have appeared in the market to cater the needs of the consumers and a host of services have been made available to the consumers like insurance, transport etc. Administrative Measures Administrative measures of the government include the distribution of essential commodities through Public Distribution System PDS. It should also contain the nature, description and address of the complainant as well as the opposite party, and so also the facts relating to the complaint and when and where it arose. The Consumer Protection Act has duly provides for a fair settlement of genuine grievances of the consumers. Dawson, R. This dislike is further compounded when they discover impurities, infestations and foreign matter in food, indicating a high possibility of poor handling and preparation. Wolgamot, I. There are rising concerns about the hygiene and safety of food served at locations where travellers eat for convenience and recreation. It regularly brings out journals, brochures, booklets and various posters depicting the rights and responsibilities of consumers, redressal machineries etc. Resources and training An effective consumer affairs programme must be managed by a food control agency that has a clear mandate to ensure safe food for the public and the necessary human resources to operate the programme. This may be due to a lack of emphasis on consumer education and participation in the staff's initial training.
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