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It may not be a reasonable expectation to get rid of conscious and subconscious comparisons entirely. Effect on Children Comparisons may seem normal, and harmless in everyday scenarios, but its effects on children are too severe and damaging, to be ignored.

I've been told some of your antics are "just a boy thing," but what does that even mean?

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For example, at five years old, Gillian is already reading, whereas Isaac struggled until first grade. While children battle comparisons and competition outside, let your home be the resting space to it all, instead of an extension.

Priya had all the attention and Aditi kept waiting for her turn to be complimented; it didn't come. Comparing siblings can be more harmful than you thought New research suggests that comparing siblings can have long-term effects on their academic performances.

The principal suggested that Aditi meet the school counselor.

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The researchers asked the parents which sibling was better in school. Once the children feel that their feelings have been understood, they too try and see the things as they are in reality. Jensen and co-author Susan McHale from Penn State looked at teenage first- and second-born siblings and their parents from 17 school districts in a northeastern state. Aditi recalled that when she was 6 and her sister 8, both of them got gifts of similar frocks. Ultimately, the sibling who is seen as less smart will tend to do worse in comparison to their sibling. Like in Aditi's case, even if a direct comparison was not voiced out, she felt it. The majority of parents thought that the firstborn was better, although on average, siblings' achievement was pretty similar. It is seen that when so much energy goes into dealing with negative feelings such as those of envy or inferiority, very less energy is left for productive activities like writing in Aditi's case. Ramesh was always praised for his academic achievements but his brother Suresh was never encouraged for his talent in painting. What may seem as a casual remark, may end up becoming a verse in their minds. Comparison Need Not be Voiced Out to be Felt After listening about the above fallouts of comparison, Aditis parents put a very valid question to the counselor. Children are always watching, and often times coming to their own conclusions.
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Comparison Between Siblings