Compare and contrast brave new world and 1984 essay

This quote connects to the themes of both and Brave New World.

1984 and brave new world similarities and differences

The Utopian society strives for a perfect state of well-being for all persons in the community, and over-emphasizes this factor, where no person is exposed to the reality of the world. This portrays how sex has become almost a chore, and is not as treasured like one would expect. The social critic Neil Postman , p. Nowadays, parents who cannot conceive children are also able to artificially produce their children with the help of science and the genes of both parents The elite must always be on the offensive, lest a single renegade upset the whole system. It is tempting to think that God has been banished from these kingdoms, with the ruling elite having usurped the place of God. The main question this novel poses is whether happiness or freedom is more superior.

Ibid, p. The conditioning of an individual for a utopian society often results in the repression of individuality.

In a …show more content… It is incredible how people can adjust to these changes.

Compare and contrast brave new world and 1984 essay

Internally, each society will be hierarchical, with an aristocracy of talent at the top and a mass of semi-slaves at the bottom. If not for the purposes of procreation it would have been banned altogether. Each society destroys the freedom of the individual through various controlling methods such as the denial of language and literature, a caste system and onditioning Both of these novels emphasize the extreme danger that totalitarianism represent in a society. Or is this the path we are heading towards? This quote represents the failure of the utopian ideal. Nothing like oxygen-shortage for keeping an embryo below par. These novels also take place in societies with versions of totalitarian governments, which is a government that rules by coercion. These individuals look at the problems in society and show how to solve them with the use of control and power. This is why the atmosphere is the latter is relaxed, while in the former tension is replete — both amongst the ruling elite and its subjects. It also lends purpose to existence that has been otherwise rendered meaningless. Huxley, , p. This quote connects to the themes of both and Brave New World.

Unfortunately, within the pursuit of these societies the leaders become corrupt and begin to become paranoid with the fear of rebellion. The novel Brave New World by Aldous Huxley displays a futuristic society controlled through pleasure, while by George Orwell displays the other side of the spectrum where power is strictly enforced by fear Which is why being an individual is the greatest think one can be.

compare the societies depicted in 1984 and herland with regard to individual liberty

The characters who divulge, in the end, the official State philosophies, in each novel, are embodiments of that philosophy too.

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Comparing and Brave New World