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Lutheran predestination

That is, when celebrating the Sacrament of the Eucharist, one can be subjected to Jesus Christ physically by eating bread and drinking wine. Our standard, which is three centuries old, is called radical and innovating; and colors rejected by ten generations begin to be raised up here and there, in this presbytery and in that church. The vehicle which bore the human mind was, in the sixteenth century, at the top of a steep declivity. Calvinism salvation belief is that of predestination chosen few whereas Lutheranism believes any one can attain salvation through faith. The Biblical tendency of the Reform must lead all the Reformed to attach slight importance to Ecclesiastical differences and much to Bible truth; consequently, to endeavor to extend a brotherly hand to all Churches, and all individuals who hold to the Bible. This leads us to a fifth consideration. Calvinists believe election is unconditional, while Arminians believe election is conditional. Could you succeed in destroying the element of the Reform, you would be compelled to become Reformed yourselves! A spirit of conciliation, of union and fraternity, has pervaded our Church in all ages, and is, perhaps, its most beautiful ornament. Calvinism consists of a number of beliefs that define the doctrine of salvation which is written about in the Bible.

In the Reform, symbolical writings are, on the contrary, but the expression of the faith of the Church.

And while, for a long space of time, all sorts of relics of Luther were preserved with a religious veneration, we hardly know where the great Calvin resided; there is not even a small stone in our cemetery to mark the place where his ashes repose; and four venerable trees, which were to be seen, five or six years ago, shading the ground where it is said the mortal remains of this great servant of God were laid, have been hewn down to make room!

But I will say, however, that the principle of the Bible appears to me, at present, at least as important as that of Faith. Peter, are the true marrow of the Scriptures, because they treat especially of faith; he considers the Gospels inferior to the Epistles; lightly esteems the Revelation by St.

As it regards political freedom, Popery is in a state of revolution, Lutheranism in a state of fermentation, and the Reform in a state of possession.

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The concept of sovereignty is of utmost importance. If any of our brethren deem it their duty so to do, we openly declare that we will not; convinced that, in this day, to uphold and vindicate the principles of the Reform is to save the Reformation. All necessary precautions are taken to hinder domination from entering it.

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Lutheranism and Calvinism.