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On this social media they are sharing a lot of videos contents, which are the perfect cross between informative, entertaining, and vibrant one, which are sure to catch your attention which scrolling down your news feed. Apples Think Different Campaign addressed their customers through an emotional campaign acknowledging the different types of consumers who own their products or have had an experience with the company.

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Brand image The brand image refers to the picture of the brand that is perceived by potential customers. While defining the brand, the firm should lay more emphasis on the strengths and consistency of the brand. This assignment help paper includes the best brands those work most effectively to serve their name and image among the market.

They are also using their Instagram account to promote their product by showing people all over the world with Red Bull cans in their hands.

For instance, if we talk about noodles, the first word that always came into our mind is Nestle Maggi because it has developed such an image in the mind of its customers. The first type of creative ads they are doing features funny personages on diverse situations in which these personage are using Red Bull. A brand community is one that is formed on the attachment a person has towards a product or company. Positioning a brand vis, a vis those of competitors is a key determinant of brand success. If you are taking first time our assignment help services then you can first check our quality then pay to us. Know who you are The other point of the importance of brand management is to know who you are. Many Apple enthusiasts have stated that Apples products have enabled them to express themselves more openly as individuals, and many believe that Apples products fulfil their aesthetic needs of beauty and simplicity Lee, J. You can email us at info www. Actually they have divided it into sub categories represented by hashtags such as Epic, Events, Adventure, Products and so on.

Consistency The other important principle of brand management is consistency. Finally Red Bull has also based its marketing in communication strategy in what we can called direct marketing.

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Brand Community. Loyalty When the product is memorized by the consumers and they have good customer experiences with the product, then they go for buying the same product again and again which brings customer loyalty.

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Best Global Brands. Expect first and fourth place of the list all ranks were secured by different brand names.

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Brand Management Assignment