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Parents teach that, school, and even others teach this lesson. In fact, a complete lack of regulations implies that such pageants function according to the discretion of organizers Healy. Introduction A. Pageantry changes some girls for the better, but can also change them for the worse. There is nothing wrong with judging people primarily on their physical prowess - we do this all the time in competitive sport, where fitness and strength are major determinants of success. As showcased, not all beauty pageants help in enhancing the confidence, bettering the personality and shaping young girls. People enjoy beauty contests. This was taken down by protests. The participants of these contests are poor role models for these girls as they set impractical body weight, breast size and clear skin standards. Nobody is forced to do either. Do beauty pageants serve any reason in a society or is it a just a form of entertainment? Society supports the notion of giving females opportunities to experience and put the act of perfection out. These girls are very small and do not have the opportunity to cast their vote or voice their opinion and hence are easily targeted to take part in child beauty pageants. This would allow the children to gain more prizes and money.

Beauty pageants became part of the American society in the 's. Barnum decided to organize the first beauty pageant, which would rate women on their physical appearance. This may all seem quite convincing but research shows otherwise. Many women enjoy entering them.

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Many parents want to help their children, and therefore lie about their age, and some even create false residency documents to compete in multiple pageants. Both women and men participate in these contests and range from teenagers to adults Banet-Weiser Although beauty pageants seem fun and glamorous, they are one of the biggest leading causes to females having eating disorders.

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Nowadays, the fame of boy pageants is growing enormously as well. Beauty pageants originally can be traced to the first Miss America Pageant, which was held in Nine out of ten girls ranging from the ages of fourteen to fifteen claims to have suffered depression and six percent say that life is not worth living anymore according to Tammy McDaniel. Healy, Michelle. Essay Words Oct 19th, 7 Pages Show More Pageants are one of the biggest things most little girls dream to be apart of. Moreover, organizers of beauty pageants have the sole idea of garnering increased profits and do not care for the feelings of the small children. Judged solely on physical beauty, beauty pageants have been around for quite some time. Advocates of beauty pageants put forth that beauty contests develop. The image of female beauty promoted by beauty contests is culturally specific and western - it doesn The first Miss America contest was held in in Atlantic City. Many parents make the assumption that child beauty pageants are a good thing. Are beauty contests harmful? But do you think they would still allow their kids to compete in them if they knew that there was a possibility of long lasting negative effects on them. Miss America winners are role models for these girls. Most of the parents complain that the quality of the prizes received are not that great and that contests are not organized well and are full of falsity.

Miss America winners are role models for these girls. Despite the declining popularity of competitions such as Miss World in the UK, they hold an important cultural place in many parts of the world.

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Beauty Essay Sample: Are Beauty Contests a Good Thing For Young Girls?