An analysis of the causes for suicide among children

increasing suicidal tendencies amongst youth

In addition, it is necessary to overcome the idea that children have no cognitive ability to take their own life.

Genebra: WHO; The total youth suicide rate and male suicide rate significantly declined from towhereas there were no significant changes in female rates.

adolescent suicidal behavior statistics

Results The total average suicide rate for Austrian minors was 4. Texto Contexto Enferm ; 17 4 Statistical analysis One-way analyses of variance ANOVA were calculated to compare the annual suicide rates of the nine Austrian federal states. Chi-squared tests were used to analyze the associations between the suicide methods used and sex, as well as between suicide methods and Austrian federal states.

Another current serious problem that affects children in the school environment is bullying. Health professionals and teachers should be empowered to be able to help children with suicide risk predisposing signs.

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Factors related to childhood suicides: analysis of the Queensland Child Death Register.