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Ever since, nearly all other marginalized groups have used the 14th Amendment in their fights for equality including the recent successful arguments before the Supreme Court on behalf of same-sex marriage. Before delving into why the United States operates as a government dominated by the economic elite rather than a democracy though, the latter must be defined.

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Our elections take place under representative democracy and are efficient, have minimal transaction costs, and strive to reduce agency loss as much as possible7th Edition.

The shining jewel of how a country is supposed to be run effectively. The economic and cultural status of a time period affects how people perceive their government. In that capacity, the press acts as the watchdog and guardian of the public interest, and as a conduit between the governors and the governed.

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Tocqueville proposed that equality was one of the fundamental tenets that aided the success of American democracy. Liberal democracy refers to the people being the rulers with guarantees of individual freedom and equality and that it focuses on individual liberty as an essential to protecting that liberty.

Without rules, our conversations are unproductive, and those who speak the loudest, with the most anger, control our public discourse.

I for one reckon it is strange that, like Britain, the US consists of a two-party system, which in my opinion eliminates many thoughts and point of views

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