A study of the life and heroism of oskar schindler

Once at the station, they forced the doors open to the rail car and removed some half frozen Jews.

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After only six weeks of courtship, they were married. Oskar also made his factory was a place a refuge for the Jewish people 1. This was not ideal for his position making him vulnerable to the Nazis.

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The containment and extermination of the Jews and other minority groups began on January 30, and lasted until May 8, The employees spent the remaining months of the war in the factory.

Schindler spent infinite amounts of money not only paying for the upkeep of his workers, but paying the government. Once in Brunnlitz, these workers were given the best food, clothing, shelter, and medical care that Schindler could afford.

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I think to myself, would I have the courage to give up my life for a bunch of strangers? All the qualities mentioned so far do not display the qualities of a future hero. Schindler at first is wholly indifferent to the suffering of the Jewish people, however as the film progresses we see his true nature revealed.

A study of the life and heroism of oskar schindler

Most of their soldiers were situated in all parts of the country so as to monitor the activities of the Jews and their supporters. The Schindler family was one of the richest and most prominent in Zwitlau and elsewhere. Schindler spared some 1, Jewish laborers from deportation by adding them to his personnel lists, ensuring that they joined him in Brnenec instead of landing on a train to Auschwitz. He was known as an opportunist, a spy and a playboy. The answer to this very question is what forever defines Oskar Schindler 's legacy II. I am a bit bewildered by the story. The Nazi soldiers were an extremely powerful lot in the continent. Most of his friends were associated with the Nazi party making him a key figure in the country Spielberg, p.
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A Hero: Oskar Schindler Essay