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When Daniel returns to London, he finds that Gradcourt drowned while he was off sailing so he tries to comfort Gwendolen. Her father had a gambling problem and because he accumulated a large debt, he planned to sell Mirah to a European nobleman as a mistress.

The fact that Daniel becomes Mordecai's disciple and agrees to carry on his work to seek a homeland for the Jews after his death - an idea presumably as baffling to Eliot's readers as it is to most of the book's gentile characters - also shows a real commitment to the subject by the author.

You just have to read all the words to see the pictures properly. Middleton horror who liked to believe that he had a chance with Gwendolen.

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This allows our team to focus on improving the library and adding new essays. Update this section! Thought to be partly based on Franz Liszt. The differentiation or mingling together of human races was also a subject of interest to her in the wake of Charles Darwin's On the Origin of Species. I may probe them and question them sometimes but I would never disregard them. He comforts Gwendolen and advises her. Thinking that he will be able to provide a better life for him, she asked Sir Hugo to raise Daniel and he accepted. The Gascoigne family also have two sons and one of them, Rex, was supposed to come home for Christmas. There, Gwendolyn soon attracts the attention of her cousin, Rex, who pledges his love for her. Moved by her tale, Deronda undertakes to help her look for her mother who turns out to have died years earlier and brother; through this, he is introduced to London's Jewish community. Davilow's sister and her family, the Reverend and Mrs. Gascoigne is a clergy man and Gwendolen thinks about the differences between Mrs. Yet in her portrayal of Mordecai, the visionary intellectual who entrances Daniel, Eliot creates a complex character with both sympathetic and unsympathetic sides and reveals a sometimes overwhelmingly detailed fascination with the minutiae of Judaism, its religious practices, culture and literature.

From this point, the plot breaks off into two separate flashbacks, one which gives us the history of Gwendolen Harleth and one of Daniel Deronda.

Daniel hears Gwendolen's side of the story.

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Their appearance in the book was as unwelcome to some of her readers as it is to some of the characters. Daniel realizes that Mordecai is the brother that Mirah has been searching for his real name is Ezra, but he also goes by Mordecai.

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Grabdcourt blackmails Gwendolen into going on a cruise with him on the Mediterranean Sea and she is left with no other choice than to accept.

Deronda's name presumably indicates that his ancestors lived in the Spanish city of Rondaprior to the expulsion of the Jews from Spain in

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