A look at totalitarianism and its application in government systems

It is ironic that Congress, whose ability to check presidential power has been steadily shrinking in the last forty years, should today be more often than ever before accused in the press of "usurping" the functions, powers, or prerogatives of the president.

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The zealots for such machinery are too impatient to study the necessary preliminaries to a world state even assuming that a world state, which would concentrate all world political powers in a few hands, is even ultimately desirable. Because pursuit of the goal is the only ideological foundation for the totalitarian state, achievement of the goal can never be acknowledged.

The second main tendency that marks the drift toward totalitarianism is that toward greater and greater concentration of power in the central government. The role of lawmaker became vested in one person. Similarly, Stalin provided a constitution for the Soviet Union in but never permitted it to become the framework of Soviet law.

This would be freedom from the dangers of a free life.

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System of terrorusing such instruments as violence and secret police. Adolf Hitler - Notorious for his reign in German, Hitler employed totalitarianism as a means to attempt to achieve an obedient nation that was his personal vision for the country.

What is our compass? North Korea - North Korea has been ruled by the same family since That support was not spontaneous: its genesis depended on a charismatic leader, and it was made possible only by modern developments in communication and transportation.

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But any general argument for a "stronger" executive can seem plausible only as long as it remains ambiguous and vague in its specifications.

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The Road to Totalitarianism