A comparison of sun tzus the art of war and modern day air warfare

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Thanks to information richness a modern strategic could gather necessary data and take everything into account. Whether the philosophical aphorisms formulated in the 5th century BC will become a source of inspiration for modern strategists, and will be properly put into practice - that is something that the upcoming era shall reveal. Moreover, we may reduce its capacity to transmit timely and coherent orders, thereby limiting its ability to coordinate its forces. Success will ultimately depend on destroying enemy information networks faster than they are rebuilt. His characterization of war as more than a chameleon combined with his trinity will always be relevant as will his schema that war is an extended duel. Contemporary wars have always seen nations such as the United States launch offensive strategies into foreign lands, each time, the nation is not able to achieve victory: Within the theater of war which we have decided to defend, we can attack the enemy where and how it pleases us. It may be observed thus that for Sun Tzu war in its ideal form becomes an intellectual and metaphysical exercise rather than a physical one. The thought placed a premium on victory through psychological advantage and preached the avoidance of direct conflict Kissinger, Oxford: Oxford UP, That is my view. The campaign in Afghanistan is nearing eight years without any foreseeable ability to shorten it, or to become victorious. It is a place of life and death, a road to survival and extinction. Sun Tzu, Modern strategist can learn a great deal from the ancient philosopher. Independent Digital News and Media, 16 Nov.

That is why, Sun Tzu presents a contrasting approach to the one introduced by Clausewitz with emphasis on violent clashes of arms and decisive victory Ibid.

Everything is governed by the supreme law, the decision by force of arms. On War distills the power of an actor to two factors —the magnitude of Force number of soldiers, technology, weapons and the strength of his Will Clausewitz A perfectly fitting example would be the terrorist bomb attacks, carried out in Spain, in Min order to influence the elections and bring about a change in government, which resulted in the withdrawal of Spanish troops from Iraq.

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Netwar, the more heady form of future conflict, refers to inter-societal contests of perceptions and national messages. He defines them as his trinity Clausewitz Niblett, 8. Yet, in many important respects his work represents more of an ideal vision of how strategy can be conducted and his approach at times is too reductionist. The Prussian general saw to deception as more of a strategic element. Ancient Chinese believed in the harmony and peace spread throughout the universe. Clausewitz 89 While war, like a chameleon, adapts and shifts to its environment, Clausewitz asserts that every war has intrinsic qualities or common internal tendencies that vary in proportion to the situation or temporal environment. The abundance of information challenges state power as more people demand the freedoms they see enjoyed in other parts of the world. It may result in less attrition in war, less causalities and formulation of more lasting, win-win peace conditions after the military operations had stopped. The Art of War. Baylis, J. However, the stage has gotten much wider in modern times.

The Western tradition treats history as a process of modernity achieving a series of absolute victories over evil and backwardness. If you attack cities, their strength will be exhausted.

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Sun Tzu seems to be beyond those two fields. To subdue the enemy without fighting is the acme of skill. Sun Tzu,

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The Battle of the Military Theorists: Clausewitz vs. Sun Tzu